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What is Veterinary Physiotherapy ?

Veterinary Phyisotherapy is the science and application of physiotherapeutic rehabilitation techniques to return your horse to normal function and performance.

- in other words, your horse may have picked up an injury during normal work or at a competition, or from a fall in a race - so you need to know what the injury is, how to deal with it effectively, how to return your horse to normal function and if possible, how to reduce the risk of the injury occurring again.

The techniques used for rehabilitation include the following :

  • Sports Massage
    • identify areas of tissue strain and stress 
    • manipulation of soft tissues
    • improve and sustain suppleness, flexibility and range of motion
  • Electrotherapies (NMES/TENS)
    • pain relief
    • improve tissue mobility
    • control muscle wastage
    • improve muscle usage/strength
  • Ultrasound (therapeutic)
    • tissue repair
    • promote local blood circulation
    • control inflammation following injury
  • Laser
    • tissue recovery and repair
    • control inflammation
    • pain relief
  • Electromagnetic Therapy
    • pain relief
    • fracture repair
    • control inflammation
  • Hot & Cold Treatments
    • reduce inflammation & control pain
    • control level of degree of damage following injury
  • Stretching & Mobilisation
    • improve tissue extensibility
    • improve range of motion
  • Gymnastic/Proprioceptive Exercise
    • address muscle imbalance
    • improve gait abnormalities
    • improve co-ordination & stability
  • Rehabilitative Work
    • development of correct muscle structure
    • improve movement patterns
    • strengthen core stability


Sacroiliac Dysfunction
Muscle injuries, weakness, asymmetry, pain
Ligament & Tendon injuries
Muscle development
Gait abnormalities
Co-ordination/proprioceptive deficit
Kissing spines/back pain
Neurological conditions
Orthopaedic conditions/fractures
Performance/sports-related injuries


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